Master Cleanse buddy needed

On 26/05/2013 I want to start Master Cleanse with a  3 day entry. So, on 29/05/2013 I will start the lemonade fasting but I need a buddy to do it toghether. 

Anybody ?


I’m very scared

Yesterday I’ve cheatted and I eat, but today I take it over 😀

But I have a huge problem and I’m scared. Today, after drinking the salty water nothing happend again :(( I’m very scared! What shoud I do??? Where is all the salty water?If that salt is absorbed by the kidney?Pleaaaaase heeeelp!!!!!

Day 1 on MC

Weight: 44 kg – 118.8 lbs

I craved several times to food but I resisted. The lemonade is very tasty and i drink it every 2 hours. I’m a little moody because I’m  surrounded by food . I wanna do MC, but the food look’s so good. I’m a little nervous and I don’t want to give up because I will be very disappointed. Maybe after SWF I will feel better.

I think it’s PMS   😦

I hope that tomorrow will be easier because I have a pretty full program and I have to wake up early. I just hate to wake up early, and need about 10 hours of sleep per night. 😀 I’m gonna drink the herbal laxative tea and watch TV and after I  will go to sleep. I must wake up around 4 A.M to drink the salty water because I have to leave the house around 8:30, and after drinking salty water for 2-3 hours I stay at bathroom.

Is anybody doing the MC now? 😀 a little exchange of experience and help wouldn’t hurt

I want to do Master Cleanse

Last Thursday I started the Master Cleanse detox, also known as the Limonade Diet or Beyonce detox diet. I wanted to share my experiencein a romanian forum but I just got a lot of criticism and no support, no advice or any help.Yesterday, on the day 3 of detox I left because I had an episode of binge-eating. I am very upset because of this, so today I’m startting over again.
I want to make this detox for 10 days.
I decided to make this blog to share with you my experiences, to recive advices from those of you who have done this detox, to help the one of you who want to do this detox, and the last but not the least to recive support.
What suppose this diet?
For 10 to 40 days you will consume just a lemonade, every 2 hours, a laxative tea in the evening and on the morning disolve 2 teaspoon of uniodized salt(i use himalaya pink salt) in 1 liter of water and stay near bathroom for 2 hours. NO OTHER FOOD!

The Lemonade recipe
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice – NO BOTTLED JUICE; you can use limes if you want
2 tablespoons of maple syrup grade B – grade B have more nutrients
1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper
250 ml of water – pure water, high quality bottled water, is not recomanded sparkling water
Drink 6-12 galsses per day. Drink a lot of water too.